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Current Tax Report | CTR

NTS reports all current taxes coming due including tax amount, discount amounts (if applicable), due dates, assessed value, and required payment details, no later than 10 business days prior to each Economic Loss Date (ELD) . A Current Tax Report or CTR is the who, what, when, where, and how of current taxes. CTRs can be reviewed and printed or they can be downloaded as part of automation in our Automated Tax Report File (ATRF). Either way, you receive your current tax data timely and accurately every time.

Current Tax Report Detail:

  • Agency Payee Information
  • Tax Amount Due (including discounts and payment options)
  • Due Date
  • Assessed Value

After you receive a detailed reporting please look into our Payment Services to make payments and reduce risk.

Delinquent Tax Report | DTR

NTS specializes in delinquent tax reporting service; providing accurate and detailed delinquent tax information. Whether the taxes are paid to the treasurer’s office or the clerk, NTS will tell you how much to pay, where to pay them, and documents needed for a successful delinquent tax payment. If the taxes can’t be paid at the first reporting, NTS assists you with planning for the future with the Next Critical Action and Next Critical Date. Along with all this information and the redemption period, NTS provides you the entire picture of what the status is on your property.

Delinquent Tax Report (DTR) Details:

  • Total Amount Delinquent
  • Penalty Rate
  • Penalty Frequency
  • Interest Rate
  • Interest Frequency
  • Prior Amounts Delinquent
  • Multiple Years Combined (if combined with current delinquent or sold)
  • Total Penalties
  • Total Interest
  • Additional Charges
  • Total Delinquent Amount
  • Delinquent Good Through Date
  • Next Critical Date
  • Next Critical Action
  • Redemption Period

Real Estate Due Diligence | Due Diligence

Due Diligence bundles our accurate current, delinquent and sold tax monitoring processes to identify the potential risk of all of assets, whether one property or a portfolio. NTS researches the property, reports all outstanding taxes and identify due dates in an applicable turn time.

Due Diligence aids in:

  • Rapid assessment of Commercial and Residential property tax status
  • Identifying due dates & uncover delinquencies

Payment Processing | Property Tax Payment Processing

NTS provides the most flexible way to pay taxes to tax authorities and keeping in compliance ensuring payments are posted timely and accurately. Whether this is via check, ACH, certified funds or federal wire transfer, NTS can do it all directly from an account established just for you.

With NTS taking the responsibility of making your payments, the liability of added tax penalties and interest has been removed. All of the payment documents and records are available, at any time, on TaxQ®. In the event NTS receives a refund check from a tax office due to a payment made on your behalf, NTS will research the refund, provide a reason for that refund and will return the funds. Finally, each month is reconciled against the bank account and any outstanding items are addresses to ensure that your funds are allocated properly.

  • Wire or ACH funding
  • Transmittal letter preparation including shipping information
  • Required Tax Bill organization, mailing
  • System documentation and imaging
  • Account balancing

Payment Validation | Real Estate Tax Payment Validation

With the Payment Validation Service, also called Non-Escrow Service, NTS will follow-up on all parcels within 45 days of each tax due to ensure that the taxes were paid timely and report to you the amount that is due, the due date, the date paid and the paid amount.

If we discover taxes were not paid or paid incorrectly, we report all amounts through a Delinquent Tax Report. Also part of this validation service, NTS will update any outstanding taxes due and provide the next good through date.

Property Tax Projection | Real Estate Tax Projection | Tax Projection

With our Property Tax Projection solution, information is gathered (including historic market and assessed values, tax rates and payments) and clients our given an estimated or projected tax amount. Tax Projections allows you to budget for coming taxes and make strategic decisions for the coming year.

Additional Services offered:

  • Perform Escrow Analysis
  • Expedite Payment Services

Property Tax Research | Real Estate Tax Search | Property Tax Search

National Tax Search works with you to build a solution for boarding and research that fits your specific portfolio needs. Whether you have all data requirements necessary to import into TaxQ® to establish each tax record or you need full legal description research to determine parcel numbers and a full tax certification, NTS can assist. Our property tax research solution covers all areas of liability including accurate parcels, agency relationship, prior delinquent or sold status, current payment history, special abatements and/or exemptions, and any other special data required to manage the property taxes in the future. Researched elements are guaranteed at 100% performance rate, based on the detailed elements chosen.

Our strategic method of research is based on various data variables. If you are boarding a large number of assets, NTS will review, begin researching with any loans/assets with upcoming due dates along with working those files that have come in prior to other portfolio boarding to eliminate any potential losses to our client due to timing of boarding the portfolio.

Sold Tax Reporting | STR

Sold taxes are the most challenging to understand. NTS takes the challenge out of understanding them. In addition to the breakout of base tax amount, penalties, and interest, NTS identifies who the Tax Buyer is, when the estimated loss of property is, and if subsequent tax years are included in the sale. Similar to the Delinquent Tax Report, a STR tells you how much to pay, where to pay it, and what additional instructions or documents need to be followed before making the payment.

Sold Tax Report Detail:

  • Sold Date
  • Sold To (Tax Buyer)
  • Tax Amount Sold
  • Sold Interest Rate
  • Sold Interest ($)
  • Subsequent Years/Inst.
  • Subsequent Taxes
  • Subsequent Interest
  • Subsequent Interest Rate
  • Redemption Total
  • Redemption Good Through Date
  • Estimated Loss of Property

Special Taxes | Exemption Research

NTS can increase the bottom line by handling all Special Tax Research, including Tax Exemptions or Abatements for an Assets or Loans to ensure existing exemption programs in place are maintained. NTS will provide clients with information regarding frequency required to update or re-file required documents for tax exemptions and all necessary documentation. You can also use TaxQ® as a place to file all of this information for future reference plus monitor exemptions by dollar amount received upon reporting property tax liabilities.

Property Tax Bill | Property Tax Receipt | Assessment Notice Process

NTS will obtain all documents, as you need them, to process through the entire tax cycle, from assessment notices, to tax bill and tax receipts. After NTS obtains these documents from the various tax offices, all documents are then scanned to TaxQ®, giving you immediate access to view these important documents.

Tax Certification | Property Tax Certificate | Real Estate Tax Certificate

NTS provides a “One Time” detailed search of a parcel/asset returning detailed property tax payment information in a quick turnaround time. The detail provided includes address, parcel or legal description review, agency validation, previous delinquent or sold status (see details listed under Delinquent & Sold reporting), current assessed and market values, and tax payment history along with notification of exemptions, abatements, special taxes. The data is provided via TaxQ® and can be printed as a PDF Tax Certificate from our reports menu or through other reporting options offered in TaxQ®. Fees for this service can be provided, along with the documents, in addition to a payment stub for taxes coming due within the next 45 days.

Tax Certification information will include:

  • Reporting of full current tax
  • Assessment detailed information
  • Payment status of all parcels by taxing entity
  • Prior year delinquent and sold details
  • Redemption amouNTS and payment requirements
  • Memo bill for current taxes due within 60 days

Tax Monitoring | Real Estate Tax Monitoring | Property Tax Monitoring

With Tax Monitoring Service also known as Payment Validation Service, NTS will follow-up on all parcels after each tax due date to ensure that taxes were paid timely. Depending on the completion of the Agency’s payment posting, reporting is sent to you no later than 45 days and includes the original amount due, amount paid, over payment or shortages, original due date and date paid. If we discover the taxes were not paid or partially paid, NTS will report the amount unpaid, penalty and/or interest assessed and payoff date by way of NTS Delinquent Reporting (DTR)

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