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Lori Eshoo

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lori Eshoo founded National Tax Search (NTS) in 1996; today, she serves as President and CEO for NTS and its subsidiaries. Ms. Eshoo has 37 years of commercial and residential valuation experience and tax compliance experience from two points of view, ownership and consulting. Her experience in property tax consulting and real estate ownership management services have heavily aided in the overall growth of National Tax Search. Eshoo believes her keys to success and NTS’s growth lie in superior customer service provided to every client and the accountability of each product.

In her first 15 years in the industry, Eshoo served as National Account Manager for Real Estate Tax Services and as Tax Manager with VMS Realty Partners. During this integral time, Eshoo envisioned a cohesive blend full service e-commerce that would enhance a property management consulting service, making it more efficient and effective. Through dedication and determination, Lori Eshoo brought her vision to life in NTS and TaxQ. Today, she still plays an integral role with the sales and client relations team, ensuring all clients receive the best service and support.

Ms. Eshoo has been recognized for her entrepreneur spirit and innovative vision of TaxQ through the Ernst and Young, Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2005, “Realizing Business Potential” sponsored by Microsoft.  Other awards include, 2005 & 2007 ABA Stevies Award, International Women Entrepreneurs in Technology and Best Entrepreneur in Business under 100 Employees.

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